Welcome to the St. Rocco School calendar page. If you have a Gmail account, please click on the Google calendar icon in the lower right hand corner of the calendar below to merge the school calendar with your personal calendar. Merging the school calendar with your personal calendar is a great way to to receive reminders about celebrations at the school or days off. We also invite you to view these other calendars that will help parents quickly find information about lunches, birthdays and the academic schedule of the school:                       

  • Monthly Lunch Calendars

    • September 2014 Lunch Calendar
    • October 2014 Lunch Calendar
    • November 2014 Lunch Calendar
    • December 2014 Lunch Calendar
    • January 2015 Lunch Calendar
    • February 2015 Lunch Calendar
    • March 2015 Lunch Calendar 
    • April 2015 Lunch Calendar 
    • May 2015 Lunch Calendar
    • June 2015 Lunch Calendar
  • 2014-2015 Yearly Calendar

  • Catholic Schools Week Calendar 201_

  • Reading Week/Week of the Young Child Calendar