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Sal Capaldo

"Let me say, my days at Saint Rocco's were quite special. Most importantly, it is where I learned to speak Italian; prayers first, followed by, basic conversation. Moreover, it was a time when life was simple, kids got along and conversations were light-hearted....

I yearn for those days!!!"


Sincerely and God Bless!

Sal Capaldo

Sal Capalo_1965.png
April 1966
Sal Capalbo_1966.png
September 1966
First Grade Trip to Rocky Point.
Sal Capaldo with Sr. Rosaria

Adriana Piccolino

As I walk to St. Rocco School each morning ready to welcome my PK-3 class with a smile, I can't help but remember when I was a student anxiously ready for what the teachers had up their sleeve to teach me!

Not only do I have my family to thank for a fantastic upbringing filled memories and lessons learned that will last me a lifetime, but I also have my home-away-from-home, St. Rocco School, for teaching me the importance of balancing learning and prayer in my daily life.


For ten years, I was blessed with the most fantastic teachers that guided and helped to mold me into the woman that I am today. Certain days and moments, such as the May Crowning or First Friday Mass, give

me a flash back in time. I remember practicing with

my graduating class for the same beautiful ceremonies and seeing my teachers watch with tears of joy in

their eyes. Now, I am the one looking on. When these memories come back to me, they bring a smile to my face as well joy in my heart! I still can't seem to get over the fact that a few of my fellow teachers were

my teachers years ago! It just goes to show you how faithful and devoted they are to the St. Rocco School Community.


I can only hope that I also leave a lasting impression

on my students, just as the teachers did for me for so many years ago! I am so proud to have called St. Rocco School my home away from home for ten years and so proud that I still can be involved, now in the role as a teacher instead of a student!


God Bless,

Adriana Picolino

Adrianna Picolino_1996.png
Adriana Picolino_1999.png
May 1999
First Communion
Spring 1996
(PreK 4) & Nicholas Piccolino (Grade 4)
Adriana Picolino_2005.png
May 2005
Spring Crowning
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