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We’re posting some pictures from years-gone-by, with hopes that they will spark some warm memories for our past students! If you are also an alumnus or if you know of anyone who is, please spread the word that photos can be forwarded to St. Rocco School, along with your name, address and any information you may have about the photo. Then, keep an eye on our website -- maybe someone’s photo will spark warm memories for you!

Sal Capaldo

"Let me say, my days at Saint Rocco's were quite special. Most importantly, it is where I learned to speak Italian; prayers first, followed by, basic conversation. Moreover, it was a time when life was simple, kids got along and conversations were light-hearted....

I yearn for those days!!!"


Sincerely and God Bless!

Sal Capaldo

Sal Capalo_1965.png
April 1966
Sal Capalbo_1966.png
September 1966
First Grade Trip to Rocky Point.
Sal Capaldo with Sr. Rosaria

Adriana Piccolino

As I walk to St. Rocco School each morning ready to welcome my PK-3 class with a smile, I can't help but remember when I was a student anxiously ready for what the teachers had up their sleeve to teach me!

Not only do I have my family to thank for a fantastic upbringing filled memories and lessons learned that will last me a lifetime, but I also have my home-away-from-home, St. Rocco School, for teaching me the importance of balancing learning and prayer in my daily life.


For ten years, I was blessed with the most fantastic teachers that guided and helped to mold me into the woman that I am today. Certain days and moments, such as the May Crowning or First Friday Mass, give

me a flash back in time. I remember practicing with

my graduating class for the same beautiful ceremonies and seeing my teachers watch with tears of joy in

their eyes. Now, I am the one looking on. When these memories come back to me, they bring a smile to my face as well joy in my heart! I still can't seem to get over the fact that a few of my fellow teachers were

my teachers years ago! It just goes to show you how faithful and devoted they are to the St. Rocco School Community.


I can only hope that I also leave a lasting impression

on my students, just as the teachers did for me for so many years ago! I am so proud to have called St. Rocco School my home away from home for ten years and so proud that I still can be involved, now in the role as a teacher instead of a student!


God Bless,

Adriana Picolino

Adrianna Picolino_1996.png
Adriana Picolino_1999.png
May 1999
First Communion
Spring 1996
(PreK 4) & Nicholas Piccolino (Grade 4)
Adriana Picolino_2005.png
May 2005
Spring Crowning
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