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St. Rocco School offers a variety of  sports. during the fall, winter and  spring of the school year. 

Participation in the Saint Rocco School athletic program is a privilege and not a right.

Academics and behavior are top priority for a student to be part of a school’s athletic

program.  There are standards both academically and behaviorally that a student must meet.

Any student athlete not conforming to the academic standard will be prohibited from

participating in competition until the school has determined that the matter has been properly addressed.


Students must be passing all subjects with a 70 to be eligible for participation in practices and games. Failure to do so will result in academic probation and athletic ineligibility. To become eligible again, the student must be passing for the present semester in all classes.

Each student athlete must also be in good standing regarding St. Rocco School behavioral
standards.  A student not conforming to the standards will be prohibited from participating in
competition for that week and until the school determines that the matter has been resolved.

A student athlete must attend a full day of school in order to participate in an athletic

practice or game on that day, unless the absence is school related or due to a verified medical appointment. Student athletes are also expected to be punctual to school.


CROSS COUNTRY                



Registration Form



Co-Ed Soccer   



Athletic Policies/Regulations

CAL Player Liability Waiver

Code of Ethical Conduct

Parental Code of Conduct

Athletic Program Signature Sheet              



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