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Feinstein News


Feinstein Junior Scholar School

Here at St. Rocco School, we are part of the Feinstein Foundation family.  We teach our students to share in the love of the Heart of Christ and to reach out and help our community by being lifelong helpers and givers! Our students have the opportunity to be practically and spiritually supportive of those around them.


In keeping with Mr. Feinstein’s message of ~ “Never forget – You have the power to help other people. And every time you use that power – every time you do something that put a smile on someone’s face – you are making the world a better place… And that makes you a very special person.”


We are so proud of the students and their families working together with our faculty and staff to encourage all the programs here at our school. Students are taught that there are many type of givers: those who can financially support causes, those who are able to donate their time, and most especially those who pray and give moral and spiritual support to all! Each month the causes will change, however, some of the programs will be all year long!

List below are a few of the activities and events we sponsor.

Feinstein Jr. Scholar Pantry

Feinstein Jr. Scholar Kindness Tree

Coat Drive

Food Drive

Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter Food Baskets

              Working together …following our school’s mission statement and philosophy

                                           along with Mr. Feinstein’s ideals and beliefs ~

St. Rocco School Feinstein Junior Scholars truly work hard to “better the lives of others.”


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