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Faculty & Staff

St. Rocco School is located in Johnston, Rhode Island close to the Cranston and Providence borders. Our students are parishioners of

St. Rocco Parish as well as a number of surrounding parishes. We serve students in Pre-Kindergarten 3 Year Old through Grade 8 and are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Parents have the option of enrolling their children (beginning
Pre-Kindergarten) for Before School Care (beginning at 7:15 AM) or Afternoon School Extended Care (ending at 5:00 PM). Students enrolled

in our Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4 year old programs may attend our Before and Afternoon School Extended Care for NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Ms. Regina Hand


401.944.2993 x 100

Mrs. Marcia Montecalvo

Assistant Principal/Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher/Science 5-8

401.944.2993 x 130

Mrs. Maria Zambarano

School Office Admin. Assistant/Teacher's Assistant

401.944.2993 x 101

Miss Adriana Piccolino   

Pre-kindergarten 3/4 Year Old Teacher

401.944.2993 x 111

Mrs. Brenda Tavares

Pre-kindergarten 4/5 Year Old Teacher

401.944.2993 x 109

Miss Kristina Califano

Kindergarten Teacher

401.944.2993 x 123

Miss Danielle Messier 

Grade 1 Teacher

401.944.2993 x 120

Sr. Mary Antoinette Cappelli, FMH

Spanish Grades 5-8  Religion Grades 7 & 8

401.944.2993 x 132

Art Teacher

401.944.2993 x 128

Ms. Nicole Beaumier

Physical Education Teacher


Mrs. Jeannine Fuller

Resource Teacher


Mrs. Cheryl Boscia

School Nurse

401.944.2993 x 104

Mrs. Stephanie Fava

Parish Secretary/School Tuition


Mrs. Sarah DonFrancesco

Grade 3 Teacher

401.944.2993 x 123

Mrs. Lisa Ciunci

Grade 4 Teacher

401.944.2993 x 139

Miss Sabrina Valenza

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher/Math 5-8/Character Education

401.944.2993 x 129

Mrs. Megan Reitz

Grade 7 HR Teacher/Social Studies 5-8/Religion 5 & 6th

401.944.2993 x 133

Miss Samantha Tripp

Grade 8 HR Teacher/ELA/Literature Grs. 6-8

401.944.2993 x 134

Sr. Daisy Kollamparampil, FMH

Grade 2 Teacher

401.944.2993 x 122

Mrs. Bethany Sousa Rachdouni

Music Teacher

401.944.2993 x 112

Ms. Maryann Bennett

Resource Teacher/Librarian


Sr. Donna Beauregard, FMH

Pre-kindergarten 3/4 Year Old Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Kathleen Pollastro/Mrs. Doreen Merola

Pre-kindergarten 4/5 Year Old Teacher Assistants

Miss Charlene Ferreira

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

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