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Busing is provided  for Johnston residents through Durham School Services for students in Grades Kindergarten - Grade 8.

If you have any questions, please contact Durham School Services.

Durham School Services/Phone: (401) 944-5880

Regionalized/Statewide Busing  ~  St. Rocco School has busing for students who live in Region #3.

If you have any questions, please contact Statewide Busing.

Statewide Busing/Phone: (401) 304-9136


  • Barrington

  • Bristol

  • Central Falls

  • Cranston

  • East Providence

  • Johnston

  • Lincoln

  • North Providence

  • Pawtucket

  • Providence

  • Smithfield

  • Warren

Please visit the website for further details. 

Statewide Inclement Weather Policy >


Statewide Text Messaging Services >

For questions regarding the statewide transportation website, please call 401-222-5024.

Students and parents should consider riding on the school bus as a privilege and an extension of the school. Thus, students are to demonstrate a respectful, Christian, and safety conscious attitude at all times on the bus.


Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus. They are not to change or leave the bus at any stop other than their own, unless a note from the parent is brought to the office and authorized by the principal. This signed note will be returned to the student and must

be given to the bus driver when boarding the bus at the end of the day. Proper behavior is expected of all students. A student will be permitted to ride only so long as his or her conduct is favorable. If a student receives a misconduct slip from any teacher, bus driver,

or monitor, the student will meet with the principal, and the student’s parent will be contacted. If the student receives a second notice, the parent and student will be required to meet with the principal before the student may ride the bus again.  A third incident will result

in the student’s bus privileges being revoked.


In cases of extreme or persistent misbehavior, St. Rocco School will work in consultation with the public school district about

possible consequences.



Children in School Bus
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