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St. Rocco School is accredited by the New England Association for Schools and Colleges. Students earn well-above average scores on standardized tests.

  • 98% of St. Rocco students graduate from high school

  • 95% of St. Rocco students go on to college.

Small school and class size, together with caring, committed teachers, strong parent involvement, and supportive school leaders provide a school climate that promotes energetic, enthusiastic and disciplined students who take pride in their school and their achievements.

Grading Criteria

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STAR assessments are used regularly throughout the year as formative and interim testing

to screen for reading and math achievement levels. They will be used once a year in April as nationally normed summative assessments. The assessments are computer based either being taken on a laptop, PC or tablet. The reports yield data in both disciplines in order for

the teachers to  identify differentiated classroom instructional strategies for individualized student progress in grades 2-8.

InView Cognitive Test

InView provides an assessment of cognitive abilities that includes verbal reasoning, sequences, analogies, and quantitative reasoning. This test yields a Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) and when given along with TerraNova, The Second Edition, provides the anticipated achievement scores.


National Catholic Education Association – ACRE Test

The NCEA ACRE is a tool to assist school and parish catechetical leaders providing a sound comprehensive religion program.

NCEA ACRE gives bishops, pastors, administrators, teacher/catechists, parents, and students a picture of the basic faith knowledge and religious perceptions of students

at various levels of age and stage of development. With these data, faith education

leaders and participants can explore areas of strength as well as areas that need additional attention. Using such an assessment annually allows leaders to identify

the trajectory of their faith education efforts and track improvements as goals and strategies are changed or refined.