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Student Council


Our Student Council is comprised of students in grades 6- 8.

The council meets every other Tuesday morning from 7;30-8:00AM to plan and implement school activities including school dances, bake sales and outreach programs to the community.

Student Council Officers
President: Adrian P.                                        Vice President: Sophia C.  

Secretary: Kate G.                                           Treasurer: Michael R.
Public Relations: Nicholas S. & Brianna M.

Executive Appointees: Alessandro C.W. & Alessandro F.


Classroom Representatives
6th Grade: Christian P. &  Samaira D.   

7th Grade: William Q. & Nathan H.
8th Grade: Jolie C.. & Talia M.

Advisors: Mrs. Montecalvo, & Sr. Mary Antoinette Cappelli 

Student Council (STUCO) Nomination Form

Student Council Eligibility/Criteria Requirements

Student Council Election Procedures

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