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The St. Rocco School community recognizes the importance and impact of technology in

our lives and takes seriously the responsibility to enable our students to utilize and effectively interact with technology as they prepare for high school and lifelong learning. Therefore, it is committed to the acquisition, implementation and integration of instructional technology in every grade and in all aspects of the educational experience. At St. Rocco School, instructional technology includes computer hardware and software, i pads,

scanners and digital cameras, television (VHS/DVD),monitors, projection devices,

white boards, Chrome books, Technology Labs and telecommunications equipment.


The Technology Committee is a sub-committee of the St Rocco School Board. The committee formally meets a minimum of 4 times per year, but will also gather as is

necessary to perform essential hardware and network maintenance. When the committee gathers during the first trimester of the school year, an update of the plan is initiated and select members are charged with the task of gathering the necessary information.


  • Improve the student learning of computer literacy and word processing and spreadsheet fundamentals to all grade levels

  • Improve the hardware and software offering in the computer lab

  • Upgrade classroom technology

  • Enrich teacher competencies

  • Improve the utilization of in-classroom technology across all curriculum content areas

  • Better utilize technology for administrative purposes

  • Maximize the technology budget

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