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Computer Class

At St. Rocco School, we promote a Catholic Education providing a rich spiritual, academic and social development of each child. We do this through a stimulating environment and a broad based and balanced core standard curriculum with a comprehensive curriculum for each subject area in every grade level. Our curriculum will continuously undergo evaluation and updating. 

St. Rocco School is accredited by the New England Association for Schools and Colleges.

Included but not limited to:

Empowering Writing Grades K-8

Foss Kits Grades K-8

STAR assessments are used regularly throughout the year as formative and interim testing to screen for reading and math achievement levels. They will be used once a year in April as nationally normed summative assessments. The assessments are computer based either being taken on a laptop, PC, chrome book or tablet. The reports yield data in both disciplines for the teachers to identify differentiated classroom instructional strategies for individualized student progress. 2-8

Next Generation Science Standards Grades 5-8

Please note that these curriculum guides provide only an overview of what your child will be learning and that the actual written curriculum is much more comprehensive.

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